Dust off that instrument and join a band! Hey, if there's anything we've learned from the past year and a half it's you can't take your day-to-day for granted and sometimes you should seize the moment, take the leap and do something that you like to do now because you don't know if that chance could be taken away from you.

If you enjoyed being in band in school or are self taught and want to get back into playing in an ensemble check out this great opportunity from the State of Maine.

All are welcomed to apply to become part of the Maine Bicentennial Parade Marching Band, which is set to perform at the historic parade in the middle of August.

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As you may have assumed, the pandemic thwarted Maine's Bicentennial and things have been rescheduled for this year, which means we're celebrating the bicentennial in the 201st year. No matter, your time is now to be a part of this historic event with people of all ages and with an interest in playing music, too.

As an ensemble member, you are expected to memorize your music which will be 'Military Escort' and 'Stars & Stripes Forever' for all musicians and 'Yankee Doodle' cadence, additionally, for drummers looking to join.

There are 2 days of rehearsals planned for Saturday, July 24th and Saturday, August 14th. Both days are all day rehearsals in Augusta and Gorham, respectively. There will be a parade rehearsal on Friday, August 20th and the parade on Saturday, August 21st in Auburn.

For more on how to be a part of the Bicenetennial Parade Band, check out the Maine200parade.com webpage dedicated to gathering and informing the band, including waiver and participation form.

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