I was reading online that NASA was looking for some input as to what to name their new Mars Rover that they're getting ready to launch later this year. Naturally, to avoid a Boaty McBoatface kind of scenario that happened in England a few years ago, they whittled down the list before asking for input, says WGME - TV13.

But it got me to thinking, what would we Mainers name the Mars Rover? I suppose the obvious choice would be the Mahs Rovah. Or the Red Lobster Planet Rovah. Or maybe something like Wicked Sweet Rovah bub. I mean, I could go on all day, but I'm way more curious what you guys would do.

I'm good for maybe one or two halfway decent choices, but you guys always kill it with these things. So maybe you can entertain me with your choices? We can definitely have a chat about them on air.

If you'd like to see the list of veeeeeery boring, utterly ordinary names on the short list, or maybe even vote for one of the ones they have, you can do that here at NASA's website. Get science-y Z Nation!

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