Wouldn't it be nice if you could look into a crystal ball and see what the driving conditions were like before you left the house? You could see where the accidents were, where people were reporting slick conditions and even where construction was being done, so you could plan your holiday travels accordingly!

Well, there is a website that can tell you that stuff. It may not be a crystal ball, but its still pretty snazzy, and super duper helpful!

NewEngland511.org is a wealth of travel information, especially if you tick the "Driving Conditions" box! You can see, in real time, what the roads are like. From reported accidents that are slowing things down, to decreased speeds on the interstate, this website is a must bookmark for anyone traveling this winter. If you click on the individual colored circles, it will tell you precisely what's happening so you will know before you head out for your journey.

So consider yourself informed! And safe travels, all!



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