Nothing builds more anxiety than when I have to pass the 182A exit on Interstate 95 southbound when going through Bangor. Whether I'm taking the exit or not, I want to ensure nobody gets killed trying to get on (or off) the interstate and the flow isn't impeded.

What gets my goat isn't that I'm agitated at the fear it generates because of the chaos it creates, it's that I don't think I've ever heard of an accident there. Don't get me wrong, I don't want anybody to get hurt or deal with insurance companies. I just don't see how there could be change if there aren't any accidents.

If there aren't any problems, then the state doesn't see a problem, right?

What's worse is counting on someone else's choices with this exit because you have experienced the following with this exit:

Slow Drivers

Edith is going 40 miles per hour on the interstate, which holds everybody up from exiting or people start passing thinking they'll get past Edith, but, inevitably, end up behind Walter who chooses to pass Edith at 41 miles per hour. Then, there's no hope, for anything, ever.

Overly Polite Drivers

You see someone getting on the interstate from the on-ramp, so you press the brakes because you don't know what erratic crap they're going to pull. But, they then yield to you. So you both are coming to nearly a complete stop waiting for the other to take the initiative to go ahead and your mojo is all off.

Selfish Drivers

Or, you see someone getting on the interstate from the on-ramp, so you slow down enough to make your exit but fast enough to pass them before crossing over because, they are suppose to yield. But, you didn't take into account that "erratic crap" factor, and the entering car just speeds up to pass you on the right to get on the interstate.

What's weird to me is this off ramp is really the only one I have a problem with.  Does it bother you too?  Do you want this exit altered to flow better?

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