After the year that we've had, we can only hope that this will happen.

It certainly has been  tough year, with many things not taking place because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Indoor seating at our favorite restaurants was non-existent this past summer, Maine's popular country and state fairs were a no go, and all of the events and concerts at both the Cross Insurance Center and Darling's Waterfront Pavilion were either postponed a year down the road or cancelled entirely.

But after stumbling across this video on You Tube, I guess one thing that we can count on is an updated and pretty much spiffy new Darling's Waterfront Pavilion on the Bangor Waterfront for future shows, at some point.

The video shows us the new buildings and surfaces, and a new lay of the land as the seating slopes down to the stage. New structures with wooden tones on both sides and the rear line venue. The venue will have impressive looking entrances, both on the waterfront and on Main Street, with updated box seats, new surfaces, open air rock boxes, a comfortable Dunkin Deck and Maine Savings Vault with impressive side views to the stage, topped with a Concourse Club and a Main Street Club.

Then there's the elevated Concourse Suites, which looks like where the elite will meet to eat and watch the show.  The Main Street Concourse suites will be on the other side.

At some point, life may return to normal and large crowds will once again congregate, and when they eventually do it may be at one of New England premiere concert facilities located right here in Bangor.

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