Ya gotta love Maine. Tons of brewpubs and wildlife and when they mix, it's even better!


According to a great and funny article in the Bangor Daily News, Ben Sprague explained how he saw the group of otters very unexpectedly! He told BDN, that seeing the otters is just another reason he loves Maine. He told reporter John Holyoke,


Here in Bangor, one of the special things is you can be sitting here in West Market Square, and you could walk five minutes and see a moose or a bear. That’s cool. And you could be in a great Maine craft brewery and see wildlife 20 feet away from you, literally coming out of the water.

This was back on August 18 when the otters came by for a super quick show.


A lot of people at Marshall Wharf Brewing Company, right on the waterfront, started a bit of a commotion trying to see what was happening. Someone thought that they were seals. I can see why - but they weren't seals, they were otters. Ben thinks about 5 of them. When there are a group of otters you have a few options on what to call them. If they are in the water as a group, that's a raft. But outside of the water, you can call them a bevy, family, lodge, or romp. BDN chose the best one to refer to them for the rest of the article. Romp.

No one at the brewpub was an otter expert, so guesses as to what they were doing there were flying. One thought that maybe they were marking their territory. Someone thought they were playing. But as quick as they were a romp, they turned into a raft and were back in the water.


Does this happen all the time at Marshall Wharf Brewing Company in Belfast? No. In fact, it was so rare, they are still probably talking about it. Plus, aren't otters mostly lake and pond seal wannabes? Apparently, they like the ocean too!

Good thing there's a video of the encounter - otherwise, it could have been the beer.

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