Portions of western Maine saw snow on Saturday, while the rest of us were getting pelted with rain.

If you're complaining about a rainy Saturday, maybe you should be counting your blessings. Parts of western Maine, particularly in the mountains around Rangeley, saw snow. And not just a few stray flakes mixing in with the rain. As you can see in this video posted by Rivers Edge Sports in Oquossuc, the snow was accumulating and making driving slick. They weren't discouraged about it, however. Instead, they looked at the positive side of the snow and the improved tracking it provided for the last day of moose season.

On another site, Eustis Maine Scenery, this video was posted of the landscape once the snow had stopped. The poster says they got about 3 inches. The vista is breathtaking, with a cold, wintry vibe. But it looks more like December than not-quite-Halloween. Maine is amazing, in some ways.

A week ago, we were looking at similar videos, showing the amazing fall colors in the mountains of Maine. And, here we are, a week later, looking at snow. We do enjoy a change of seasons here in Vacationland.

Of course, we have to remember. It is 2020, which means anything is possible. And snow in western Maine in October is not all that unusual. I'm just not sure a lot of us were ready for it. Is your car all set for winter? Have you checked whether your generator is working? It looks like the time to winterize is upon us, before all this beautiful white stuff starts landing in our dooryard.

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