A fundraising lip sync battle includes one song from a Disney movie that has new meaning in the midst of a stay-at-home order.

Some Theatre Company is finding innovative ways to fundraise, after some bad news from a ticket company left them struggling to pay their rent. The troupe had just moved into their new Bangor Mall digs and had a successful run with the show 'Puffs,' when the pandemic hit. They figured they'd be okay, despite having to close up shop for a time, because of the show's ticket sales. That is, until they were told by an out-of-state ticket handler that their profits were indefinitely on hold. Now, the group is working to raise enough money to keep the rent paid, so they can resume operations when they're allowed to open.

That brings us to the online lip sync battle. Members of the troupe are competing in pairs, posting videos of their creations. I heard about this from my former coworker, Becky, who posted her own video of a song from the Disney movie, 'Tangled.' As I watched her performance, it occurred to me that the words are now somewhat ironic. We're all trying to find things to do around the house, while we wait for our lives to restart. (okay, the song says 'begin,' but the idea is the same) Be sure to watch it all the way through, for the local kicker that will make you laugh.

Now, I'm not suggesting that you vote for Becky. Watch all the videos and make your own decisions. But I wanted to share this song because of its timeliness. While you're being entertained by all these incredibly creative people, consider donating to their non-profit. Maybe once our lives begin again we can all go to the theatre together.

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