Washington D.C. is processing a potential Supreme Justice for the United States, Brett Kavanaugh.  There's been a lot of drama around the first day of confirmation hearings that have included protesters and shouting matches.

But nothing dramatizes this better than a monster truck styling of the hearings of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which includes a little footage from Bangor's own Cross Insurance Center's monster truck show.

The video includes a shot of Megasaurus breathing fire in the truck pit at the Cross Insurance Center.

The video over-dramatizes the rather bland hearings by creating an ad that takes on the feel of a monster truck advertisement.

"Live on Capital Hill Brett Kavanaugh's pulse smashing, spine tingling, skull singeing confirmation hearing free-for-all!"

The monster truck appears at the :47 mark as the video addresses highlights of Kavanaugh's hearing:

"And, as always, Senator Megasaurus."

Fire breaths out of the mouth of the Megasaurus with a roar while the video lists "Sen. Richard Megasauraus" as a Republican from Missouri.  Check out the video for yourself- you can see the inside of the Cross Insurance Center with UMaine banners and various businesses' banners hanging from the walls.

Here's where I think The Late Night show got their footage, a video on YouTube published April 2017 with an impressive 7.5 million views:

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