A man wanted in two states on charges related to sex offender registry laws was arrested Thursday morning at a Bangor hotel.

Michael P. Tegge, 48, of Sterling, Colorado, was staying at the Residence Inn by Marriott located at 22 Bass Park Blvd. He is wanted in both Florida and Nebraska, where he is listed on that state's sex offender registry.

Acting on a tip, Bangor police were made aware of Tegge's location at the hotel and had attempted to locate him over the course of a few days.

During the investigation, police requested to view the occupancy records at the Residence Inn. However, police said Residence Inn/Marriott Hotels refused to comply with the request even though they are required to do by law.

As a result, police initially charged the Residence Inn manager for refusing to comply. The charge is a Class E misdemeanor. However, those charged later were dropped.

"Based upon questions that have been raised about the application of the law in this case, and as the manager appears to have been acting in good faith, the charges against him are being dismissed," police said in a statement.

Tegge is expected to be extradited back to Florida.

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