The Reggie Ray on Instagram is a very talented dancer, as shared on his Instagram account.  But, nothing gets me going like the recreations this guy can pull off with incredible accuracy in body movement, timing, and editing.

But, what really makes this something special is the sense of humor this guy puts into the everyday props he'll use to recreate his videos.

A more recent post Reggie Ray put up is a hilarious take on a performance by Lil Kim as seen live on this year's BET Awards back in June and just recently published to YouTube.

First, here's Lil Kim's performance:

Now, here's Reggie Ray's post on Instagram.  Please note the chairs as backup dancers and ornaments as a lady in a sparkly green dress.

So funny!  Reggie Ray has done a million of these recreation videos so once you visit his Instagram you'll be there for a while so get comfy and get the tissues because you will laugh until you cry.  Enjoy!

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