Gordon Ramsay, someone is looking for you!

Adam Libby is one heck of a cook. He, and his sister who hail from Lincoln, put together two videos each week that show off Adam’s rather impressive chef skills, and people are loving it.

Adam’s TikTok page has a whopping 2.6 million followers and his videos have received over 31.7 million likes. And just about every single time I check his videos out, I notice that the number takes a huge jump.

People are really responding to his content.

He was born with Down Syndrome, and his social media success makes for an amazing and inspiring story that can't help but make you feel good. Plus. you can learn quite a bit about cooking some mouth-watering meals.

One of Adam's heroes, is everyone's favorite grumpy British celebrity chef, restaurateur, and reality TV star, Gordon Ramsay.

For quite awhile now, Libby has been trying to get Ramsay's attention, tagging him in several Instagram and TikTok posts, in the hopes of possibly getting to meet him, or at the every least, have Gordon check out his truly incredible food videos.

This time around, instead of whipping up a delicious dish, he busted out some sweet dance moves.

Adam's fans, loved it!

Trucker Jonny Stacks
@Gordon Ramsay c'mon already you donut. Adam is awesome!

Jason Dorta
I know who Chef Adam is but who is this Gordon Ramsey you speak of?

Janee Watts Theriot
@Gordon Ramsay you better check this man!!

@Gordon Ramsay come on!!

come on @Gordon Ramsay this young man is amazing ❤️❤️

7h agoReply

@Gordon Ramsay come on man what are you waiting for?!

I would love to see Adam give gordon the business.

I'm interested to see where this goes

@Gordon Ramsay ADAM IS AMAZING You are missing out Gordon!

Katy Richardson
@Gordan Ramsay where’s the love for @Chef Adam Libby?!

Joel Lighthill
Chef Adam is to good for Ramsey !

Austin Stein
@Gordon Ramsay can you please check out Chef Adam? This guy can COOK!

Indeed, he CAN cook! Check out some of his recent latest culinary offerings. And Gordon, get back to this guy already, will ya?

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