It's not news that one pole at the Auburn, Maine, Walmart is a problem. Well, I guess it is news, as the pole has been on the news. Also, is the pole really the problem or is it the drivers that shop there?

If you have no idea what I am talking about, then let me catch you up real quick. There is one pole in the Auburn Walmart parking lot that constantly is hit by drivers. No matter what Walmart tries to do to fix the issue, the pole gets hit.

What's even worse, is that the pole is a stop sign! However, it seems that most of the drivers that hit the pole are attempting to turn down that lane, and cut it too close, and ultimate cause some damage to the pole and their car.

Well, like they should be, Walmart is sick of constantly trying to fix the pole and get people to stop hitting it and they finally is attempting something else to try to resolve this issue.

Flashing lights have been added to the stop sign, to make it more visible, and concrete barricades now surround two sides of the pole.

The question is...will this actually stop people from hitting the pole? Sure, the flashing lights make it more visible, but it won't really stop anyone from possibly hitting the pole of the stop sign. I mean, if a bright yellow pole didn't stop people, what makes you think that flashing lights will?

The concrete walls, on the other hand, most likely will stop people from hitting the pole. However, they could end up causing more damage to someone's car. I mean, no one wants or tries to hit concrete barricades.

This is not the first time that Walmart is working on resolving the mystery of why people keep hitting that pole in Auburn. One Mainer actually took to YouTube to talk about the history of the Auburn, Maine, Walmart pole.

Being on the news and on YouTube doesn't seems to be enough media attention for this one pole, no, there is even a designated Facebook group called "The Auburn Walmart Pole Strikes Again," where people post pictures of accidents as they see them and updates on the pole.

Missed seeing pictures of people crashing into the Walmart pole? Don't worry, I have you covered! Below are some pictures that prove something needed to be done about the Auburn Walmart pole.

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