Imagine a simple parking pole becoming famous.

Like, maybe this pole in the Auburn Walmart parking lot is the most famous entity in Maine right now. Who do we talk about more often? Stephen King, or this stupid pole in Auburn. I think we know the real answer... Every other week it seems there's a new accident involving this thing. By extension, we even had our own incident at Walgreens last year.

Laurie Nichols Kelly
Laurie Nichols Kelly

And it's not for lack of visibility, or trying to make it less easy to hit. They've literally tried almost anything anyone can think of, as a deterrent to hitting this dumb stop sign. What started out as simply a pole, is now topped with a stop sign and flashing lights, surrounded by a concrete barrier. But, within days, someone nailed it again. Hardly a shocker at this point.

Now it's so famous, people want their photo taken with it.

At first, I thought it was kind of a joke. But I've seen two separate occasions on Reddit, this one, and then this one as well, where people want their picture taken with this bizarre-o landmark. It's like becoming like Plymouth Rock. Except Plymouth Rock is also surround by fences and barriers, and no one's ever hit it with their car.

How many times have you driven through Bangor, just to see a dozen gawkers gathered around Stephen King's gate to snag a photo with his wrought-iron bats? Well, now they're lining up to be photographed with a concrete and metal parking pole, covered in yellow plastic. Boy, the times are indeed a-changin'.

Pretty soon, Walmart in Auburn will need a door man and velvet ropes instead of a flashy stop sign and concrete barriers. But yeah... move over Stephen King. Maine's got a new "Most Famous Resident".

Maybe Target should get in on this action too...

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