Not even a week went by after Walmart put up cement barricades, a stop sign that lights up, and a camera, that a vehicle has almost hit the pole in Auburn, Maine, yet again.

Seriously, I think this pole is cursed, there cannot be any other reason why it is being hit so frequently.

On Monday, February 6th, it happened. A red truck almost hit the iconic pole in Maine, but instead hit the cement barricades surrounding it.

Not only did the truck hit one barricade, no, but it also hit both of them!

It honestly looks like the driver took too tight a turn at the stop sign. That, or they purposely attempted to hit the pole as it has become famous.

I mean, there is even a dedicated Facebook page, The Auburn Walmart Pole Strikes Again, and an Instagram page, The Poles of Walmart, that focus on the incidents that occur at the Auburn, Maine, Walmart.

The pole has even been on the news a few times.

But, let's get back to the incident.

According to the photos that were posted to The Poles of Walmart Instagram page, the truck definitely took too tight a turn as you can see tire marks left at the scene.

Since the vehicle hit the cement barricades and not the pole, the car has some nice scratch marks and also left red paint on at least one of the barricades.

Luckily, Walmart got what it hoped for...the person did not hit the pole. I guess you can say that the barricades are a success, at least for now.

However, you may not see the red paint on the barricade unless you walk over to it.

As of the morning of February 7th, the traces of the incident can not be seen. It is possible that Walmart employees turned the barricade around so that it looks like nothing ever happened.

I mean, I am sure that Walmart is trying to cover everything up since they do not want the pole to be a tourist attraction or cause anyone else to have an accident.

If you are a frequent shopper at the Auburn, Maine, Walmart, or just plan to visit the pole, please drive carefully, as you are more likely to damage your car than the pole.

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