Throughout the years, one pole in Maine has taken over. No, it is nothing like the North Pole, instead, it is an actual yellow pole that resides in the parking lot of Walmart in Auburn, Maine. You know, the type of pole that is supposed to help keep a parking lot safe. Well, this pole has done really nothing to keep some drivers safe.

Well, I guess it really is not the pole's fault, instead the individuals that seem to enjoy driving their cars into the pole. Okay, they probably don't enjoy it... but it happens so frequently that you have to ask "why?". Are they trying to be Facebook famous? Why actually knows, but the fact that one yellow pole (which is actually also a stop sign) keeps getting hit is starting to get a bit ridiculous.

It has gotten to the point where this pole has become so famous that it has been on the news, in articles, has a YouTube video about it, Facebook groups have been created about the pole, and is even known to people from far away.

I really do not understand the fun of hitting any pole. Remember to keep your eyes on the road, drive safe, watch out for people and poles, and if you plan on going to the Auburn Walmart...just park in the back.

Keep scrolling to see some amusing comments that Mainers say in response to all the accidents that occur at the Auburn Walmart pole and photos of some of the accidents that have occurred.

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