According to the CDC, 44,193 deaths were a result of suicide in 2015.  Also reported is that there are higher rates of suicide in rural American than urban America.

Prevention and resources are invaluable for Mainers and you can be involved in the cause by joining the Suicide Awareness and Prevention Walk 2018 Saturday, May 5th.  The event will be hosted by Steps for Souls and will be their second annual walk and mental health resources event.

According to the Facebook event, it's purpose lies in the following:

Stand in solidarity while honoring those we have lost and those we wish to help through resources, education, an open dialogue and unity.

This event is free.  Proceeds that are collected, from purchasing of event specific bracelet, t shirt and refreshments, will benefit Acadia Hospital's suicide prevention efforts.

Steps for Souls was founded to challenge public stigma on suicide and mental illness while also helping people find affordable resources for all Mainers.

Suicide in Maine

"Major risks for intentional injuries from interpersonal or self-inflicted violence include:

  • access to firearms
  • history of interpersonal violence
  • alcohol abuse
  • mental illness
  • poverty"

You can see how suicide has effected the state in the map below.  York, Washington, Piscatiquis, and Lincoln counties included the most deaths by suicide from 2008 - 2014.  All counties, however, held suicides in their data.



Comparing Maine's Suicide Rate to the Nation's

This map from the CDC shows death rates by counties within the United States.  Maine's suicide rate from 2008 - 2014 was above the national average of 15.83 deaths per 100,000.  The United States' county suicide average was 12.63 deaths per 100,000.


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