If you are not caught up on the current season of "The Walking Dead" you really shouldn't read any further, the last thing I want to do is ruin it for someone. Years ago, I mentioned the winner of "The Bachelor" on the Z Morning Show, and totally ruined it for a woman who had recorded it on her DVR, but had yet to see the finale.

Last week, Carl Grimes met an untimely demise when a walker bit him. Fans of the show are rightly upset about this, as is the cast. Andrew Lincoln, who you may better know as Rick, mourned the loss of his TV son with a serenade set to the Camilla Cabello smash hit "Havana". He changes the title to "Chandler", in honor of Chandler Riggs, who played the now deceased Carl on the show.

With the lyrics "God I hate those freakin' zombies/They keep eating all of my friends and family" it's a catchy farewell to a beloved, eye patch wearing zombie killer.

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