A man who invited a woman he'd met on Facebook to his house was allegedly assaulted and robbed by the men and women who accompanied her.

The Waldo County Sheriff's Office says the victim invited a woman he'd met on Facebook to his house on Monday. Sometime during the evening, the woman showed up at the man's Frye Mountain Road home in the town of Knox, accompanied by two other women and two men.

The victim says the two men assaulted him while the women stole marijuana from his house. The suspects took off but were stopped by authorities in Kennebec County. All five people in the vehicle were arrested.

35-year-old Billy Knights of Oxford and 19-year-old Stephen Mickeriz of Harrison were charged with Robbery and Assault. 38-year-old Jessica Morrill of Woodstock, 19-year-old Courtney Morrill of Westbrook, and 26-year-old Iresha McKenzie of Boston were all charged with Robbery.

Bail for McKenzie was set at $7,500 cash, while the other four had their bail set at $10,000. All five suspects are currently in custody, pending their arraignment.

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