Earlier this afternoon, the Sagadahoc County Emergency Management Agency reported a possum that decided to do a bit of dare-deviling. As you can see in these photos from the Agency's Facebook page, the little bugger crawled out onto the sign above the Route 1 overpass, and seemed to be paralyzed with fear. Or he's all hopped up on the Tide Pods.

Bath PD and Fire / Rescue were called to the scene and managed to safely remove the frightened little guy from the sign and get him safely to the ground.

Normally, possums are nocturnal creatures that you wouldn't find scurrying about during the day time. So either this poor little fella is very lost and confused, or had been there for quite some time trying to plan his escape.

Either way, we're all just glad there was no harm to the possum, nor did it cause any major traffic hassles or accidents. But he sure did cause quite the stir. I imagine now he's back in his little possum house, trying to explain to his little possum wife why he's been out all day long. I feel ya, bro. I feel ya.

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