Today is National Hamburger Day and we want to know where you think Bangor's best burgers.

What makes a good burger? put the question to chefs to breakdown this exact concept.

One big component of what makes a magnificent burger is the fat to meat ratio as well as the type of meat.  Bobby Flay recommends a 80/20 ratio of ground chuck.  That guy knows his burgers so we'll take that recommendation to heart, Bobby.

One chef preferred a pan cooked burger as opposed to a grill cooked burger to help with keeping the burger pure from charing or additional flavorings.  A moist burger is optimal and a dry burger is disappointing.

The bread is also an important component.  A good burger let's the burger shine and the bun as a supporting actor.  Too much bun and it takes away from the purpose of your meal.  Too little bun and your left with a mess that can make the potentially delightful experience of eating a burger a frustrating one.  Also, a fresh bun can completely change the taste of a burger as opposed to a stale, dry bun.

Lastly, toppings can be few or many but, balance is key.  Having a huge burger that you can barely pick up or fit in your mouth can cause for spillage of ingredients, which is no good.  Ideally you would want all ingredients of your burger to be included in each bite.  It's what you came for- not portions or parts of the burger, bun and toppings.  You want the whole intended burger.

With these notes in mind, take a look at our list and tell us who you think makes the best hamburger in the Bangor area.

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