Sometimes it's hard to take in the beauty of a wintery Maine town from the ground.  This video has us taking in scenes in Orono and Old Town along the Stillwater River at the Stillwater River Reservoir.

This area is locally called Stillwater but lies closely on the Orono/Old Town town lines.  You can see the Bennoch Road and Stillwater Avenue as well as lcoal landmarks in the area including the University of Maine, Alfond Arena, Memorial Gym, Alfond Stadium, Mahaney Diamond, Old Town McDonalds, and, one of absolute favorite restaurants in the area, Old Town Governors Restaurant.

One nice high shot shows the Appalachian mountains and a clouded over Mt. Katahdin.

This is the area shown on the video, as shown on Google Maps:

Take it in.  I'm sure the landscaped has changed a bit since the addition of today's snowstorm but, it's beautiful to see something that you've seen a hundred times in a new perspective.

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