Can you imagine coming down a hill, getting ready to take a curve in the road when an 18-wheeler is coming the other way and starts to lose control?

Well, that is exactly what happened in this video of two truckers on a Maine road.  Luckily, everybody's okay but, it really does take into perspective that you need to be careful on the roads no matter what vehicle you're driving.

Check out this video published onto Facebook a few days ago by Jordan Rand.  In the video description, Rand states that this is a corner on Rt.201 in Moscow, Maine.  The dashboard video shows that it happened yesterday at 8:40AM in the morning.  Check out this incredible video.

Rand goes on to say:

"No need to run off about it, we all go too fast and drive stupid at times."

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 11.08.10 AM

We're glad you're okay, Rand!  Careful on those roads, people!

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