Tree pollen counts are pretty high in the Southern United States right now and it's only a matter of time until our pollen counts peak up here in the Northeast.

But when pollen season does come our way, just the site of a layer of yellow dust on my car gets my allergy symptoms going, induced psychosomatically.

Grab some Benadryl and get ready for the war because this is what's happening in New Jersey right now.

Check out this incredible, and sneeze inducing, video from Millville, NJ showing a guy in a tractor giving a pollenating tree a whack as the tree's pollen explodes off of the tree in a cloud of sexified flora dust.

Luckily, we might have some time.  The forecast for Bangor's pollen count are expected to be moderate for the next few days with last year showing that our highest pollen count days were three weeks in June, according to

The areas reaching the highest pollen counts currently are Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Minnesota.

Check out more videos just to get you all worked up.

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