A new video explains what residents can expect when getting vaccinated at the Cross Insurance Center.

The folks at Northern Light Health acknowledge that the idea of going to an entertainment venue to get vaccinated could be daunting. What will you need to bring with you? Which entrance do you use? How will you know where to go, once you get inside the building?

So they put together a video that takes viewers through, step-by-step, with Northern Light's Bob Potts explaining the whole process. If Bob's voice seems a little familiar, it's because he used to work in radio. As a matter of fact, he used to be my boss. But, I digress.

Getting appointments has proven challenging, as the supply is not keeping up with the demand. But healthcare officials hope that will improve soon. In the meantime, they ask that people be patient and persistent. Preregistration and appointments are required for the vaccinations, and can be made on the Northern Light Health website, or by calling the COVID vaccination line at 207-204-8551. Right now, they're only making as many appointments as they have doses of the serum, so if you don't get an appointment, keep checking back. Right now, vaccinations are being offered to residents age 70 and over.

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