A researcher investigating a reported sighting of a Bigfoot-like creature in Turner, Maine says new information he received in a "very strange phone call" about the case has called into question its legitimacy.

Bill Brock, who hosts the Discovery Channel show "Monsters Underground" posted a new video titled "Shocking info exposed -- Turner Bigfoot Sighting.." on Tuesday in which he said the case was a confusing one for his team.

"Once we started really analyzing all the information, we were both almost more confused than when this all started," Brock said in the video. "We basically could not find anything to prove this case 100 percent one way or the other."

But Brock's team was able to determine a few things. He said study of the footage found that the creature appeared to be just over six-feet tall "but still within the normal range of every human out there."

Brock also said the two strange calls heard just before the figure appears in the video "were well within the range of humans."

And the 15-inch-long footprints seen on the property also raised red flags for Brock and his fellow researcher, A.J. Marston, who deemed them almost "too perfect."

"You just don't find perfect tracks in the woods," Marston said in the video.

As for the witness who reported to see the creature, Brock pointed out that the teenager never claimed the creature was a Sasquatch. He told Brock and his crew that he didn't know what it was.

And as for whether the original footage was faked or the report was a hoax, Brock said he couldn't make a definitive statement, and the answer was not necessarily black or white.

He did offer a more detailed explanation at about the 11:15 minute mark of the above video in which he references information he received in a telephone call over the weekend. Give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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