A 2009 book about a very interesting donkey has gone viral after a Scottish grandmother giggled her way through reading the book out loud to her grandchild.

The book is called The Wonky Donkey, by New Zealand author Craig Smith, and the attention from this video has caused a surge for demand in the children's book.

Video still from The Scottish Granny via YouTube
Video still from The Scottish Granny via YouTube

The publisher is struggling to keep up with the demand for the book since the rise in popularity of the viral video.  Bangor's children's book store The Briar Patch sent out a post making people aware of the books' status as a product of theirs:

Meanwhile, this video of a Scottish Grammy has a sweet wholesomeness that makes her amusement of the crazy adjectives she's saying even more funny.  Her laugh is contagious and her voice definitely carries that sweet grandmother-ness only made sweeter with her Scottish accent and constant "Oh dears".

Take a look and notice how dead pan her young grandchild is while she reads it to him while grandma is busting a gut.

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