I'm sure you've seen this highlighted in the past day or two...

Everybody has their opinion about how all that went down.

But, it made me wonder... this is the fast food that Bangor has, predominantly.  Any major artery in Bangor likely brings you to some fast food restaurant, like McDonalds, that basically owns the market in U.S fast food.

One of my questions was... well, how popular is McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's... these places that we have in the Bangor area... but, more importantly, what are we missing out on?

I found a 2018  survey from Market Force Information that asked nearly 11,500 people what their favorite American fast food places are.  Eight catorgories, including value, service specifics and food quality, helped determine where restaurants ranked.  And, looking at America's best of the best you can see what Bangor doesn't have.

Favorites found in the survey include smaller, regional American chains- restaurants that aren't accessible everywhere.

Here's where America's favorite fast food restaurants rank and why Bangor is missing out... with the exception of one clever burger joint.

13. McDonalds - Probably on of Bangor's most prevalent fast food chain in the area.

12. Jack In the Box - nearest one is in one of the Carolina's, 1,100 away.

11. Burger King- There's a few of these around, too.

10. Hardee's- nearest one is in Pennsylvania, 560 miles away.

9. Sonic- nearest ones are in Massachusetts, 200 miles away.

8. Wendy's- We have two of those around the Bangor area.

7. Carl's Jr- nearest one is in New Jersey, about 450 miles away.

6. Whataburger- nearest one is in Georgia, about 1450 miles away.

5. Steak n' Shake- closest one is in Pennsylvania, about 500 miles away.

4. Smashburger- closest one is in Massachusetts, about 230 miles away.

3. Five Guys- WHAT!  HOW DID WE GET A TOP 3-ER?!?!

2. Culver's- closest one is in Ohio, about 870 miles.

1. In- And-Out- closest is located in Texas, about 2,000 miles away.


Well, we got four of the top 13 chains, but there is definitely room for improvement.  Luckily, we have a great local food scene that, perhaps, is a big reason to not need these other restaurant chains.

Is there a restaurant on this list that you'd like to see in Bangor?

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