Don't be spooked out by the headline. These are kitchens making food to be delivered to your home, work or wherever and you probably have the app to order from them on your phone already.

What is special about the ghost kitchen is that there is no dine-in aspect to these kitchens, it's all about your order being delivered.

Ghost kitchens actually go by a few different industry names including the straight forward 'delivery-only restaurant', or other more imaginative and elusive names like shadow kitchen, virtual kitchen, and dark kitchen.

These establishments pop-up in already existing kitchens.  Here in the Bangor area these ghost kitchens reside in establishments we actually are pretty familiar with- Ruby Tuesday in Brewer, Applebees on Hogan Road and the Sea Dog on Front Street.

The niche of these ghost kitchens plays on a very narrow selection of food that seems pretty straight forward to please the American masses and include a fair amount of kitchens focused on chicken wings, another with more traditional Chinese cuisine, another focused on burgers, a few others on just desserts, like ice cream and cookies.

These ghost kitchens are listed in the delivery apps that have become more useable here in the Bangor area, including Uber Eats, Doordash and Grubhub.  Not all of the ghost kitchens are listed on any one app, some only one app exclusively.

Curious to know what is haunting the kitchens we are familiar with in the Bangor area?  What the other foods that are around in the area to try out?

Here is a list of delivery-only 'ghost kitchens' serving up food to have delivered and dine-in at home in the Bangor area.

Ghost Kitchens of the Bangor Area

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