Treworgy's is celebrating Maine's Bicentennial in all sorts of ways within this year's corn maze. The maze will feature many of the things that make Maine great, including a lighthouse, a lobster, a moose, blueberries, a pine cone and an evergreen. These specific symbols sit within the outline of the state set against the waves of it's coastline.

According to their Facebook Post, the folks at Treworgy's recognize that a lot of celebrations have had to be cancelled with everything that's going on in the world right now, so they wanted to take some time to tip their cap to the state in the best way they know how.

And while they have made some changes to the size of this year's maze, to help with keep folks a little more spread out, there are some things they have definitely kept the same.

"The corn maze is now open during regular business hours and will be open until the end of October. Trails have been widened to 6’ to allow social distancing. What we haven’t changed is that you still get a free kiddie soft serve when you finish."

Admission in to the maze is $9 per adult, $8 per child (3-12 yrs) with discounts for families with 4 or more kids. And as always, each ticket includes a free soft serve vanilla, chocolate or twist kiddie ice cream.

Treworgy's is also hoping people will take a minute to cast their votes this month, as they're also in the running to represent our home state on a pretty cool list. If you want to help Treworgy's get recognized as one of the best corn mazes in the U.S., you can cast your vote by clicking this link here: USA Today's Top 10 Favorite Corn Mazes in the Nation. Voting takes place till the end of August.

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