A server at a Maine restaurant allegedly had menus thrown at him and was spit at after he reminded customers of the requirement to wear a mask.

The Common Loon in Orono posted about the encounter on their Facebook page Monday over their strict policy of not serving anyone who enters without wearing a mask.

Customers must wear masks in the building unless sitting at their tables.

"Since the reopening, we’ve been very clear with our staff," they wrote. "Your safety is important to us, and you do not have to be accommodating to people who don’t want to follow the rules."

A group of people reportedly walked into the restaurant without masks and were kindly reminded that they were required to unless sitting at their table. One person was angry about it, but did calm down and agreed to wear the mask, according to the Facebook post.

When the server came to their table to take their order, they reminded them of the policy and thanked them for wearing their masks. That's when the customer reportedly started to argue again, and it got to a point where the server asked them to leave.

When the customer was walking out the door, they threw menus and silverware at the server and then spit at them, the Common Loon's Facebook post stated.

The server called the police to report the incident and that he would like to press charges for assault, and The Common Loon has said they will do everything they can to help identify the customer saying, "We’re a small business struggling to survive in an unprecedented global health and economic emergency, but we’re not willing to compromise the well-being of our customers, staff, and community in order to make a buck."


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