Two HUGE new releases are here and making their debut on Z-107.3 this week!

Taylor Swift shocked the world when she dropped a full surprise album on us the other day. Since her 8th release “Folklore” dropped, it’s shattering every record in it’s path. It sold over 1.3 copies within 24 hours, and set multiple streaming highs in the process.

The first single “Cardigan” is a pretty mellow affair, as is the rest of this stripped down, bare bones approach. There are no “Shake It Off” type of tunes here. People are loving it anyway, “Cardigan” has racked up close to 27 million videos views on YouTube in just a couple of days.

We all know how generous a person Taylor is, well she also sent the late, great, Kobe Bryant’s daughter Natalia a replica of the cardigan sweater she wears in her amazing new video.

The Maroon 5 song “Memories” was a such a smash hit song, that it just dropped off the charts. Keep in mind, it was released last September. That’s some staying power. Well they have finally given us the second single to their forthcoming album.

The video for “Nobody’s Love” is a statement on the decriminalization of marijuana. It also the shaved head, and a very shaggy Coronavirus beard of one Mr. Adam Levine.

Also of note, Adam and his wife have hooked up with the Save The Children Foundation to raise money that will benefit educational programs in the United States.

Fresh new tunes from two of the Z’s biggest artists, Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 are here! Enjoy.

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