Last Thursday, the parent company that owns the Lane Bryant chain announced that it would be closing more than 150 stores, and unfortunately the store within Bangor Mall is on the list.

The plus-size women's fashion and clothing store chain includes 688 specialty retail and outlet stores across the country and had overall sales $969 million in 2019, according to USA Today.  But the parent company, New Jersey-based Ascena, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and plans to close a "significant number" of it's retail outlets, which apparently includes the Lane Bryant at Bangor Mall.

The other Maine Lane Bryant store on the list of closures is the one in Augusta at 14 Stephen King Drive.

The Lane Bryant company began back in 1904 by with maternity designs created by Lena Himmelstein Bryant Malsin, a bellwether of women's rights in business.

The article within USA Today did not mention an official date of closure for the Lane Bryant at Bangor Mall, which may or may not already be closed.  The Bangor Mall Lane Bryant Facebook page says that the store is "closed now" but due to open at 11AM.

This is yet another hit for the struggling Bangor Mall, especially after recently losing both Macy's and Sears over the past few years. We truly hope that somehow, someday, the Bangor Mall recovers and begins to thrive again.

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