A story about Tom Brady’s new line of underwear was more than one of WABI-TV 5's News Anchors could handle, sending her into giggles as she struggled to tell the next story.  

Aren't News Anchors Supposed to Be Serious?

It happens to everyone who does news, at one time or another. We all try very hard to keep our composure, no matter what it is we’re talking about. Working in news, you cover everything from the darkest stories of murder and mayhem to fluffy stories about puppies and kids. Through it all, the goal is to sound professional and in control. But sometimes, that’s just not possible. 

Who is the Announcer and What Was the Story?

For me, it was once a story about a naked man who was sunbathing. No big deal except he lived on a very busy road and was tanning in the front yard. And for WABI-TV 5’s Brittany McHatten, it was a story about Tom Brady’s underwear. She wasn’t actually the one delivering that story, but rather the next story that was about the Boy Scouts. As she began to talk, you could see the wheels coming off the bus. She bit her lip. Her eyes danced. Her shoulders shook. And then she just had to laugh. She got that all-important control for a couple of seconds and then the giggles started coming through in her voice. Finally, she decided it was time to go to a commercial.  

How Long Before This Ends Up on YouTube's News Bloopers?

Brittany, you handled it well and came through like a champ. I mean, seriously, who could keep a straight face after hearing about Tom Brady’s underwear? He may be the GOAT, but do we really need to know if he prefers boxers or briefs? For the record, I’m going to be keeping an eye out for this clip on those ever-popular ‘News Bloopers’ videos on YouTube. I'm guessing I'll see it there before the month is out. 

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