Maine is definitely a destination for any fall lover.  We have the colors that every leaf peeper desires but which Maine town was selected as the one town to take it all in at?

According to Only In Your, Castine was selected as the Maine town to visit this fall.

Of course the views were featured as a main reasoning for this particular town, describing it as "a picture perfect, calendar-worthy experience."  Their reasoning also featured the shopping, dining and drinking opportunities of the town.

It was also seen as a town that you could visit for the weekend or for just a day trip.

The quiet, quaintness of the town is appealing to visitors and Maine residents alike.

The article featured a few businesses of Castine including inns and bakeries as well as the historical society, lighthouse and art galleries.

The architecture also drew inspiration for this Maine town to be featured as THE town to visit in Maine for a fall trip.

The article ended with another suggestion of visiting the Rangeley area for a scenic drive and great fall foliage viewing.

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