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Aside from the kids' Halloween costume garb, there are plenty of items to have on your list to be sure your Mainer Halloween night is tolerable. The key elements include things to carry other things in/with, comfortable, warm clothes and things to light up the night.

Here's a list of the Maine parent's Halloween essentials to get you through a successful, and less stressful, Halloween night.


Your Maine Halloween night could be 20-degrees and snowing or 60-degrees and walking around without a coat- you never know.  But, most likely, you'll need a warm jacket to get you through the 40-degree evening/nighttime.  This jacket is also waterproof and windproof, which will be great if there is some precipitation or blowing wind.

California Design Den via Amazon

Let's face it.  Your children are your worker bees to ensure that the hive is well stashed with candy to get you through to Valentine's Day.  The best way to keep them efficient is to unload their healthy stashes into a secure, sturdy sack.  This is what your pillow case is for.  Have junior unload their stash every block to keep them efficiently running steady without being held down by the weight of their accumulated amounts of candy.

Glow Mind via Amazon

It is already getting pretty dark around your typical trick-or-treating time and having a glow stick in your kiddo's hands helps ease the stress a little.  Kids love to carry them around and parents love to see kids wear them, for safety.  Bonus points if there is more than one trick-or-treating because you can assign a color to each kid which will allow you to know who is where in the chaos of all the running around.

GearLight via Amazon

Parents always need one of these to assess the candy situation throughout the candy gathering, to taste test the candies to ensure their purity and safety before the little ones dive in.  These little headlamps allow for proper observation of candies but also a way for kids to see where you are and for you to not trip over quiet skunks along your route.


Comfy shoes are a must for an evening/night of endless walking.  A light, comfortable shoe will make your journey a little less miserable.


Again, if our Halloween night leans toward the chillier temperatures, warm toes are always preferred.  Get those toes warmed up by wearing some thicker socks for the evening.

Tatuo via Amazon

Even if it's not a super chilly night, a lot of walking can lead to some chilly hands.  Have your finger's available when needed to tie little shoelaces but also easy to cover up with these fingerless gloves with thumb holes.

Radio Flyer via Amazon

I think this one's a winner, by the way.  Nothing is more irritating than carrying around the smallest, but still pretty heavy, of the Halloween crew.  Those little feet have been going all day and even thought the evening has been really exciting, your kiddo may be done sooner than the festivities are.  Win Halloween with an old-fashioned wagon when the kids are done walking, need a little rest or for mom when she's had a few too many.  Bonus points: rug it up to your mid-size to large dog.


And, what would Halloween night be without a little bubbly, beer, hot toddy or bit o' wine.  Hey, moms and dads deserve a little something to get through the night.  Have your adult beverage contained in a little tumbler.  This one will keep your warm beverages warm.

This list should make this year's Halloween more safe, more comfortable and highly prepared for your Maine Halloween night.  Enjoy and stay safe!