There is one item here in our state that was found to be particularly disgusting!

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Recently, the State of Maine made the list of "The 10 Best Pizza Places In America Hands Down", when they shouted out the amazing Slab in Portland.

We also hit the "Top 10 Absolute Best Sandwiches in America!” where The Clam Shack in Kennebunkport made the list.

This time around, we weren't so lucky. A list of the "10 States with the WORST food in America" highlighted something that is a bit of an acquired taste for some.

After praising Maine Lobster and all the various dishes that come with it, they singled out the part of the lobster that really turned them off, and other people too, since it is usually discarded by some people when they crack into one.

Tomalley is the green paste-like sauce that is found in a lobster that BabbleTop calls "The liver and pancreas of the lobster" They cited the "gross look and smell" as the main reason for making the list.

Not everyone feels the same, however. We found a video of a woman who appeared On NewsCenter Maine's 207 show, who compared Tomalley to Sea Urchin and claimed it was the most flavorful part. In fact, she uses it as a sauce and dips the meat in it alternating with lemon butter.

Do you toss the tomalley, or do you find it delicious?

Here are all the 10 states that made the cut for "The WORST Food in America"

North Carolina
South Carolina
North Dakota

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