After putting the property on the market in February of 2022, the Thirsty Whale on Cottage Street in Bar Harbor has a new owner. According to the Mount Desert Islander, Mike Rosa has purchased the restaurant and bar from Basil Eleftheriou and Heather Sorokin.

The Whale has been open since 1988 and Basil and Heather have operated it for 30 years. The building was torn down and rebuilt in 2008. It features solar panels on the roof and heat pumps.

Rosa was in "The Whale" Wednesday afternoon, when I stopped in, but was on a conference call and didn't have time to chat extensively. He did say that he looked forward to opening The Thirsty Whale sometime in April.

The sale included a separate property which acts as employee housing.

According to the Islander, Rosa would like the Thirsty Whale to be open year-round , both for the staff and the community.

We wish him well in his endeavors, and thank Basil and Heather for their 30 years of service to the Town of Bar Harbor!

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