The vote is in. Columbia Falls voted last night to establish an ordinance to pause all large-scale developments.

The vote was 63 to 17.

This means that the Flagpole of Freedom Park will be held up as the town creates the regulations like zoning and a building permit rule to put into place before the project begins. The town currently does not have land use ordinances.

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The Flagpole of Freedom project was proposed early last year by Wreaths Across America founder Merrill Worcester and his sons.

However, the town hadn’t received the plan, which resulted in the voting on the ordinance to delay any development until a plan was in place.

Last year the state of Maine passed legislation to annex approximately 10 thousand acres owned by the Worcester family and make the land part of Columbia Falls. The planning approval then shifted solely to the town.

And this is a large project, if not the largest in Maine history.

The flagpole is to be 1,776 feet tall, taller than the Empire State Building for example.

There would also be 55 individual parks with remembrance walls containing every single veteran's name.

Columbia Falls selectman Jeffrey Greene told News Center Maine the town has seen multiple proposals for big developments it might not be ready for.

Now the town of Columbia Falls and Flagpole of Freedom project have until Fall of 2023 to finalize plans.

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