17 immigrants have been taken into custody after Border Patrol Agents searched a home in the town of Lisbon.

How Did Police Know the People Were at the Residence?

The arrests were the result of an investigation into a hit and run in Lisbon last month. As a result of that investigation, Lisbon Police and members of the United States Border Patrol searched a home at 93 Main Street in Lisbon at around 8:00 Tuesday evening.

What Happened to the Immigrants?

17 people, who officials say are in the country illegally, were taken into custody during that search. WGME-TV reports the group was taken to detention centers in Rangeley. Criminal charges are expected.

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Officials say some of the immigrants were from Guatemala and Nicaragua. WGME-TV reports that at least some of the people were working for a local construction company and were described as good workers.

Didn't the Border Patrol Make a Large Arrest in Another Part of the State Recently?

Last month, U.S. Border Patrol Agents were in Rockland after management at the local Home Depot store notified police of a group of people who were allegedly seen stealing merchandise. Officials found seven people in a white van, that was located in the parking lot. None of the people spoke English well and the only identification they could produce was from foreign countries. Police had become aware of a group of people who had been stealing from local businesses, particularly Home Depot stores, and driving white vans. All seven people, in this case, were taken into custody while police worked to confirm their identities and determine what was happening.

There's no indication, at this point, that the Lisbon case is related to the arrests in Rockland.

We'll update this story as more details become available.

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