Today is a day to officially salute another group of mostly unsung heroes that day after day do so much in our society and usually without any fanfare

This is World Social Work Day, which is observed every year on the third Tuesday in the month of March. It is a day to recognize the hard work and diligence of social workers.

Day after day week after week, year after year Social workers provide services to children and adults in need.

Also in social workers job description?

Social Justice, human rights and social development through interactive social work.

And day after day they must continue to put on a fresh smile and keep a positive outlook in their daily dealings knowing that there is no snap of the fingers instant cure for so much of what they deal with.’

The reason it is ‘World’ Social Work Day, is to enforce the idea that we are all connected and our future depends on every person’s involvement in building a strong social community, identifying people and communities in need of help, assessing client needs, helping them set goals and adjust to challenges in their lives, and being an advocate for them, as they lend an ear.

The first National Social Work Day took place in 1963, and the World Social Work Day began in 1983.

The first social work class was offered at Columbia University in 1898. In 1931, Social work pioneer Jane Addams was one of the first women to receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

However today, each and every social worker is saluted. A salute to them and the difficult work they do each and everyday. Thank you.

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