Bradford Pear Tree

We all know by now that looks aren't everything and that also applies to nature. The Bradford Pear tree is certainly a pretty tree with white flowers that bloom in the springtime. Despite the pretty flowers, this particular tree is invasive and when you get close you aren't met with a beautiful woodsy or floral aroma, rather rotting fish.

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According to the Bangor Daily News, this tree imported from several Asian countries to the United States is present in Maine.

Representatives from the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry are keeping an eye on it. Thankfully at this time, they are relatively contained.

The same cannot be said for other areas of the country, however.

Big Problems

As closeby as Connecticut, Bangor Daily News reports that it's taking over some areas and competing with trees that are native.

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When a tree or any invasive plant takes over an area it provides no benefit to native insects, birds or wildlife says Bangor Daily News. So when these trees take over the land that actually do benefit local wildlife, it creates a ripple effect of problems.

Southern Woes

The New York Times reported about how troublesome the Bradford Pear Tree has been in South Carolina, in particular. The problem has become so bad that "bounty" programs have been set up to reward those who bring evidence of a slain tree and then receive a native tree to plant in return.

What Can We Do

The tree will officially be on the "do-not-sell" list for Maine next year. Those who want a white blossoming tree for landscaping purposes are encouraged to consult with horticulturists and Maine tree experts.

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