As a kid, I was always skittish when swimming in lakes or rivers. Snapping turtles were a small threat. Large fish were slightly unsettling. The crazy idea or fairytale-like concept of river monsters was what really got to me.

River "monsters" are not real; however, there are some massive fish in various parts of the world, especially New England, that could probably qualify as such.

This following fish was massive enough that Songo River Guide Service wanted to highlight it again with the onset of spring.

Back in April 2022, a Maine fisherman caught this massive 44-inch Northern Pike.

44 inches is only 11 inches shorter than Gary Coleman, according to a Measure of Things article. So, imagine seeing a Gary Coleman-sized fish (minus the head).

44 inches is eight inches taller than your kitchen counter height. 44 inches is longer than half of your queen bed.

Needless to say, this is a big fish.

Songo River Guide Service put it on full display back when it was initially caught, but it's no surprise they wanted to point it out again. Just look at it!

According to a Rod Maps article, the largest pike ever measured and confirmed was 152 cm long (59 inches), in May 2004 in Lake Apisko in Canada. So this 44-inch Northern Pike is just over a foot shy of a world record.

The average Northern Pike is between 16 and 22 inches.

Release of a pike back to water
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I know comparing a relatively common fish in our rivers and lakes to a river monster is a stretch. A smaller pike is not overly intimidating if you have dealt with one before.

Speaking from personal experience, these things are nasty suckers. They are aggressive in nature, so they will frequently hop on your lure; however, getting them in is sometimes a battle.

In addition, Northern Pike have super sharp teeth. Some Pike have up to 700 razor-sharp teeth, according to a Strike and Catch article.

My compliments to the fisherman who reeled in a 44-incher. I loathe taking a foot-long Pike off my lure, let alone this 44-inch monster.

Well done, mate. Good catch.

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