Happy Valentine's Day Schmoopie!

Thank you for all the intrest in our little contest. We had somewhere in the neighborhood of 110 entries and over 5,600 votes were cast.

And the winner is...

Video Valentine
Submitted by Lauren Cox

I think my Valentine (my hubby) and I deserve this prize because my husband; Derrick made this for me with our son (shown when he was 2...now he's almost 7). He made this by taking photos of himself (over a 4 day span) with his computer, putting them all together and syncing it to music; our song Jason Mraz' "I'm Yours". Derrick and I met in high school 11 years ago, got married 7 years ago and have 2 boys.
Derrick is the hardest working person I know. Not only is he a full time Grad student at UMaine in the Mathematics Department but he also teaches 3 Calculus 2 classes, tutors on the side, works for the math department's tutor center, is in the Air Force as well as working on Breast Cancer Research with the University of Maine. Derrick made me this video a few years ago and I still watch it weekly. It still makes me cry and it is still by far my favorite gift he's EVER given me! Whenever our song comes on the radio I always do his video dance. LOL. He's incredible. He works so many jobs and I work 2 jobs so we barely see each other. It would be nice to win and have a special night together without work, kids or distractions!

Pick us! PLEASE! :)

Lauren and Derrick win $500 in fabulous prizes from Quality Jewelers, Anthony John Day Spa, Bangor Mall Cinemas, Specialty Sweets, Hampden Floral and Kobe!

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