He's been at it again.  Thus the reason your computer went dark and you lost that report.

At 11:04 this morning, Versant Power reported 2143 customers without power in the Old Town and Orono areas, and this time it wasn't Mother Nature's doing....or was it?

Yes, once again a squirrel is the culprit, the furry little rodent with the bushy tail got into some electrical equipment which caused a malfunction of some sort, thus cutting the power and the reason why you couldn't watch The Price Is Right this morning.


It's of interest that the Washington Post reported that back in 2015, that squirrels were responsible for up to 20% of power outages across the country.

So far, hungry squirrels with buck teeth are more responsible for power outages in the United States than computer hackers from Russia or anyplace else are. As a matter of fact, seeing as how the furry little nut-loving buggers are so finely tuned to turning off the juice, maybe our country ought to covertly drop a thousand or more of Rocky's relatives into the night within our adversaries borders, and then await the results of them doing their thing. The world may be a safer place.

But right now we're counting on the hard-working and ever reliable Versant Power crews to get the furnace up and running again.  Not only do these men and women have to brave the elements during a powerful rain, snow and windstorm, but they also have to clean up the mess left behind after a visit from an unwanted squirrel who mistakenly stumbled across a fire breathing nut.

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