Swfties are pumped! Taylor has released new music to celebrate her 31st birthday!

Taylor Swift has made the most out of 2020. Her album “Foklore” dropped earlier in the year, to great acclaim, making several year end “best of” lists. Not one to rest on her laurels, she has released a surprise second album just 6 short months later!

“Willow" is the first single from her ninth studio album, Evermore She also directed music video for the track. People seem to be excited for new music from Taylor, the video has racked up over 22 million views since Thursday.

Finally, “Blinding Lights” from The Weeknd, is ending it’s ridiculously long run on the charts and we are all ready for a new single! "Save Your Tears" is from his fourth album After Hours. And just like “Blinding Lights” it has a bouncy 80’s flashback kind of sound. There are those who think the track is about both Bella Hadid and, another recent ex, Selena Gomez.

If you missed his somewhat unusual performance of the song from the recent American Music Awards, which featured of all people, Kenny G, we put that up, along with the “Tik Tok Experience” video too!

We love a good superstar hookup, and "Prisoner" is the best in quite some time. It’s from “Platic Hearts” which is a more rock influenced album from Miley Cyrus, and also features vocals from the one and only, Dua Lipa. The song incorporates a variety of different styles, and this is about as much of a no brainer as you can get.

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