When handed a lemon, make lemonade. In football, if the play isn't going to go as planned in the huddle, improvise. On the radio if your ad-lib is going wrong, just turn off your mic and let Cindy bail you out.

And when you hold an annual Cookie Walk, and it's 2020 and the pandemic gets in the way, make a different plan. In this case, a Cookie Drive By.  The annual Unitarian-Universalist Church in Ellsworth's Cookie sale is this coming Saturday the 19th, between 1 and 3 pm at the UUCE parking lot, 121 Bucksport Road.

Here's where to pre-order your box of Christmas cookies. You can also order and pay by check or exact cash on Saturday. All cookie boxes will be handled by volunteers wearing masks and gloves.

Now on to the cookies.

Homemade christmas cookies - gingerbread
Yelena Kovalenko, ThinkStock

UUCE will be selling prepackaged boxes of 3 dozen homemade Holiday cookies for $20 a box.  Boxes include chocolate-peppermint chews, gingerbread people, sugar cookies, cranberry-orange-oatmeal, macaroons, shortbread and many others. I'm ready. That'll be me in line Saturday, practicing patience in my car. If there's a line, I'll pass the time thinking back to my Mother's Christmas Cookies, and hoping George Strait's song 'Christmas Cookies' comes on the radio.

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