TripAdviser has lots of love for our city mascot. However, there's a few people who just don't get it...or know how to spell.

Our Bangor Bunyan has greeting visitors on the side of Main Street since 1959. He's racked up over 150 'excellent' or 'very good' reviews on TripAdviser. However, he has his critics.

Review #1: Apparently Paul Bunyan isn't cool

"Ok, so I saw a big old statue of Paul Bunyan. Whoopie. That and a buck and a half will get you a cup of coffee.
Seriously, I do not see the attraction of seeing this statue. It is not well situated at all, up against an office building, is not unusually large or creative. And not particularly cool. If you go to the casino, you cannot help but see it, but I doubt that it will thrill many people."

Review #2: Babe the Blue...Bull?

The statue don't look very good and the bull is missing. It look cheap and not good likeness of the real Paul Bunyan.

Review #3: Babe Purple Ox? What?

The statue isn't near any wood that needs to be chopped and he's just boring. Even a purple Ox would improve this landmark.

Review #4: From someone who can't spell

We rode there with the intention of getting a few quick pictures - but it was even lame looking from the car - so didn't stop. It was in a wierd spot (by some sort of corporate building - I think I was expecting a park or something). Don't go out of your way to find it

Review #5: From someone who couldn't find a giant statue that's on the side of the road...

My daughter has a book with 101 things to do before you are 12, and visiting the Paul Bunyan statue was, inexplicably, on the list. We were flying out of Bangor and had extra time, so we went to look for it. It was not easy to find - Maine as a state has done a beautiful job of limiting billboards, but in their zeal to restrict signage, they seem to have made the decision that if you don't have a GPS, and you don't live there, you really shouldn't be there. But I digress.
The AAA guidebook didn't point out that it was across from the casino, or else it would have been easier to find. Instead, we were focused on the casino and missed it the first time. When we finally realized it wasn't in the downtown area of Main Street, we circled back and found it, taking a picture from the Circle K next to it. So if you like statues in constriction zones that aren't marked, are across from casinos and next to Circle K's, this landmark is for you! Although if that's truly what you like, you should probably seek professional help.


To all of those trip trolls...

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Love, Paul Bunyan.

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