The realty market is on fire here in Maine.  Maine REALTORS are getting great numbers and are looking forward to more great numbers as 2021 keeps progressing.

Unfortunately, it's not a great situation for people like you and me, the people living in the State of Maine already and earn just enough money to survive and have been doing that for at least the past 10 to 15 years, maybe longer.

If your dreams were like mine, owning a home that your whole family could fit into with a few private acres to escape from the real world but, be close enough to not burn tons of money on gas getting back and forth to work, then the pandemic has really taken people like you and me and popped our balloons of hope.

The start of the pandemic saw houses in the Bangor area jump at least an additional $30k from their original pre-pandemic prices.  And, if a 'reasonably' priced house ($160k - $220k) popped up in the housing inventory in the morning, it was pending by days end.  This is how it is for those living in the Bangor-area, and how it has been since the start of the pandemic.

Here we are watching out-of-staters afford these uptick in prices and we're sitting around waiting for it all to come back down. If it will come back down.

Let's torture ourselves and take a look at the 7 houses in the 'Bangor 'burbs' that we can't afford- the ones left in the inventory for now until someone from out-of-state comes along, pays the inflated price while we wait our turn for a house that you and I can afford.

The 7 Homes I Wish I Could Afford To Buy In the Bangor Suburbs

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