The Chainsmokers, of "#Selfie" fame, aren't so different from the best-selling band in history. Why? Because both acts achieved a historically rare chart feat.

With their latest radio dominator, "Something Just Like This" with Coldplay, now rapidly surging up the charts, the electronic duo just becme the third duo/group in the chart's nearly 40 year history next to The Beatles and Bee Gees to achieve three Top 10 hits at the same time on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, according to the official chart company today (Mar. 6).

As of this week, "Something Just Like This" shoots from No. 56 to the No. 5 spot, with "Paris" holding strong at No. 7 and last year's longest-running hit, "Closer" with Halsey, still hanging on at the No. 10 spot.

The triple hit feat was first achieved by The Beatles in 1964, and later accomplished by Bee Gees in 1978 with their Saturday Night Fever soundtrack songs. Trying to calculate the time in between? "39 years and two weeks since a duo or group had tripled up in the top 10."

Go read about the feat in full over at Billboard. It's quite the achievement. Congrats, boys.

The Hotties of EDM:

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